Golf Performance Energy Bars

World’s #1 Selling Golf Energy Bars

Scientifically developed to combat fatigue on the back nine, optimise performance and improve the focus of professional and amateur golfers alike, across all areas of their game.

Delicious and packed with a unique blend of simple and complex carbohydrates the Golf Energy Bar range has been developed with the demands of everyday golfers in mind.

Whereas the positive benefits of sports nutrition have been appreciated across a huge range of other sports, golf has been almost completely overlooked, until now. Our Golf Energy Bar seeks to address this imbalance by providing golfers with a simple, chemical-free way of drip feeding energy to their bodies and minds over the course of a round.

The technology and theory behind our Performance Bars meanwhile, has been used by professional athletes for over ten years. Today, however, it has been skilfully adapted by SSP’s own sports nutrition experts to give golfers the nutritional support they need.

Minimum 10 Months Shelf Life


Golf Performance Bars come in four delicious flavours

Chocolate & Toffee

Fruit & Oat


Strawberry & White Chocolate

For optimum performance, eat a third of the bar every three holes on the back nine.

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