“As a professional golfer on the LPGA Tour, I know that eating the right food at the right time helps maximize my performance. SSP Golf Performance Energy bars give me the energy, focus and nutrition I need to play at my best, and unlike all the other bars out there these actually taste great! Watch me on the tour and see what I eat!”

Catriona Matthew MBE – LPGA Major Winner- Women’s British Open Winner – Irish Open Winner Scottish Open Winner 5 Solheim Cups

“SSP products are fantastic and I’m delighted to be using them for 2011. Throughout 2010, my nutrition on the golf course was inconsistent and ineffective, this won’t be the case for 2011. I will be using SSP golf nutrition products in every tournament I play in; they have increased my energy levels and improved my performance. The products are tasty as well!”

Jonathan Gidney – PGA Professional – Former England Under 20

“Good nutrition and diet is playing an increasingly important role in the development of our young golfers so it’s great to be working alongside the team at SSP so we can prepare our golfers in the right way. Golf Energy Bars have quickly become very popular and the feedback from the players has been really positive. It’s a very healthy snack and one which helps my concentration, particularly in the all-important closing holes of a round.”

Ian Rae – Scottish Golf Union National Coach

“I decided to try one of your SSP Golf Performance Bars and must say they are remarkable! Forgetting the fact that they taste great, they give me immense amounts of energy throughout my round. I wasn’t tired and I didn’t have any lack of concentration that I normally feel during my game. I didn’t have any sugar buzz as with some other energy bars that I’ve tried. They are now part of my game and would recommend them to anyone.”

Kenny – Mardyke Valley

“At last a company that is taking golf nutrition seriously. Members love the taste of them!”

Lee Curling – PGA Professional, Grims Dyke Golf Club

“I can now hit over 300 practice balls a day. I find eating SSP Performance bars before, during and after a practice session allow me to train harder for longer. There is no other bar that touches it.”

Karl Woodward – World Record Long Drive Champion – 860Yds In 2 Shots

“As an avid golfer, I must say what a fantastic product your golf energy bars are. It’s like having an extra special club in the bag. The added bonus is they do not taste like cardboard and are full of goodness. I feel full of vitality. I know that when I turn on the back nine I will not flag and my game will not go to pieces!”

Steve – Burnham-on-Crouch

“I have been using the Golf Performance Bars for the last year after a friend shared his Chocolate & Toffee bar with me. I now understand how eating correctly during the back nine can help lower your score. My decision making has improved over the last nine holes and as a result I have taken 6 shots off my game.”

Ian Copeland age 60 – Handicap Was 27 – Now 21

“I first was introduced to the Performance Bars a little over two years ago at the PGA show. I tried a couple of samples and at the time just knew the bar would be a big hit. In 2011, I visited the PGA show and again went over to the SSP Golf Performance Bar booth. They were kind enough to once again offer me a of couple samples, and this time I wanted to know where I could purchase the bars for myself. I was told that there were a few golf courses in the United States that carried the bars, but the company was working hard to bring many more golf clubs on board. I also learned the bars were very big in Europe and were being stocked at the Old Course in St Andrews, Scotland. I had a long conversation with Lance Geringer, the actual inventor of the Bar, and ask if I could take some samples back to my home club in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. He agreed to give me a few of the bars as well some brochures and pricing information that I could pass on to our Food and Beverage Director. The first thing I did when I return to my club was to offer samples of each bar to the many staff members at the club. The bar was an instant success. Our Food and Beverage Director placed the first order for our club and then a second. With the bar now having a little over 2 months of activity at our club, it now out sells all the other bars combined. It is nice to know I need only one Performance Bar and not several bars for say the front nine and the back nine My own personal application of the bar is to break it up into 3 sections. I have one after the 4th or 5th holes, and another on the 10th and then the last piece around hole 15. My energy level is absolutely constant for the entire 18 holes and even for another hour or so later, so I can get in some practice. A few weeks ago I decided to play 18 holes in the late afternoon, as the temperature dropped a few degrees when the nice breeze decided to join us. I met up with a doctor friend of mine and on the 3rd hole I purchased another bar. My friend had not tried the bar, so I gave him a piece and by the 5th hole he turned and said he actually felt as though he was re-energised. He went on to say that he had felt a little tired that day having put in a lot of long hours at the hospital. He further commented that not only did he feel fantastic, but he also stated that the bar tasted as if it just came out of the oven. I would highly recommend these bars to everyone, Whether you have the Fruit and Oat, the Superberry or the Chocolate and Toffee they all taste fantastic. Thank you.”

Bill Bielmyer – USA

“I stopped eating bananas last year and started eating SSP Golf Energy Bars. They give me so much energy and are really tasty. I always have some in my bag whether I am playing in a competition or just thrashing my dad.”

James Styles Age 17 Essex County Champion

“I would just like to say how impressed I am with the SSP Golf products. Having purchased a bar from my clubs pro shop in an emergency situation (I forgot to pack my usual trusty Jaffa Cakes in my golf bag!), I have never turned back since. The difference is clearly noticeable, and I was genuinely surprised at how much of a difference the nutrition bar actually made.”

Steve Worley